Ribbon's Traveling Castle

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This heartwarming, silly story with a dash of magic, illustrates that a big heart grants you tolerance. And it’s okay if things change, they’re supposed to shift. Change happens to everyone and the solution to the struggle is love, love for yourself and others.  

Ribbon, traveling with her father, encounters a group of bizarre individuals in need of simple guidance. Ribbon rises above the worries of the day to day with the joy of play and love as her compass. Her example is an inspiration to everyone.

Elizabeth Godley

This is Elizabeth Godley’s first children’s book. Elizabeth is a writer and actress living in Los Angeles. The bulk of her work and training is in classical theatre & Shakespeare, balanced with clown, voice over, TV & Film experience. She grew up on a farm in Louisiana and graduated from LSU. A world traveler, always up for an adventure, Elizabeth is a joyous observer of the beautiful, a collector of tiny things, a caretaker, mentor, fairy, clown, friend, and kid magnet. Seriously, she cannot go into a park without at least 3 kids around her wanting to join in on the fun. Her favorite children’s authors are J.M. Barrie and A.A. Milne.


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